Training at Cottonwood Creek Equestrian Center

Gail Bloxham

Natural Horsemanship Training and Lessons

Horses have always been a mainstay and passion in Gail's life; having a variety of opportunities from ranching to showing. With a Natural Horsemanship background, Gail has had the good fortune to study under and ride with many great horsemen and women. Believing that good leadership between horse and rider leads to a great partnership.

Robin Uhalde

A Confident Foundation is the Key to Consistent Performance

Robin’s interest in horses started as a child, team roping and working on the ranch. Over the years his interests broadened into other fields like dressage, reining, cutting, driving and trail riding. But his main interests stayed the same in realizing the common controls used to develop the horse. He believes that since the horse is the motor for all the different disciplines, if we can control the motor then we can apply those controls to different disciplines.

His development of young horses started during the five years working for Tom Marvel in Battle Mountain, NV. Since then, making versatile horses has been his trade mark.

By developing a solid foundation it is now up to the rider/driver to decide how to apply those controls to what they are interested in. Robin says that “Since any movement can be broken down into its basic parts we can now determine which parts to focus on.

Robin also believes in keeping owners involved in the training process from the very beginning because the owner must be the leader. By building the self-esteem of the
rider/driver and the horse together he builds confidence in the team.

Robin makes the horse a willing partner – one that is a true joy for the owner.

Nonny Largent

Nonny has been a trainer, coach, and judge since 1987. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science from the University of Nevada, Reno and she was the coach at the University of California, Chico from 1990-1992. She is a Cowboy Dressage Recommended judge, clinician and trainer.

During her career, she has had the opportunity to work with many different breeds of horses. As a youth and amateur, she showed Arabians, Half Arabians and Quarter Horses. As a professional, she has coached many youth and amateur riders to AQHA All-Around Championships and shown many horses to Circuit and Regional Championships.

Nonny has been a judge for many different organizations. She is fair and knowledgeable and is always willing to help the exhibitors. She continues her education as an official and as a professional frequently attending seminars and clinics.

Nonny believes in open lines of communication between the horse and rider and strives to help her students be successful so they can truly enjoy their equine partners. Her emphasis is on a balanced seat and using the legs and hands together to obtain a willing and trusting partnership.

Nonny is based in Cottonwood, Ca and can be reached at or 530-949-8096.