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Tim Smith Cutting Clinic - 2020

April 20-21, 2020

For the Advanced and Intermediate Cutter currently showing.  Take your abilities to the next level!  Ride with one of the most respected Cutters in the industry!  Lots of Cattle... Hands on, Showmanship, How to Show Off your Horse, Rules, Horse Maintenance and more..

Tim SmithTim is the leading money winning rider in the history of the Pacific Coast Cutting Horse Association. With earnings in excess of $5 million, he is also one of the top 10 riders in the National Cutting Horse Association's history.

Limited to 12 Riders  - Sorry NO Auditors  Registrataion & Info




Obstacle Challenge CLINIC & Practice Challenge

April 26, 2020

1/2 Day Clinic followed by a Practice Obstacle Challenge  limited to 10 participants  PRE-REGISTRATION REQUIRED.

Learn what a judge is looking for in an obstacle, how you are scored and ways to improve your score.  In the practice challenge you will ride the course, receive a score, with a question & answer session at the end.  Rules, Score Sheets & Scoring Guidelines.

NO Auditors

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Jordan Larson - Reining Clinic 2020

May 02-03, 2020

Rider spots full but you can get on the waiting list....

 Join one of the most accomplished Reiners in the industry!  All aspects of Reining will be covered.        Auditors/Spectators also Welcome - Pre-registered $25.00 per day. 

Registration & Information 




15th Annual Tack Swap

May 09, 2020

NEW Date:  May 9, 2020 – everything else remains the same.

SWAP HOURS 10:00am to 2:00pm

A wide variety of used and new items!  Rain or Shine in our covered arena.  Seller space $10.00.  Trailer space also available.  Space Reservation and Info. call 530-347-0212  Seller's are reserving their spaces now! 

Seller Items:  Sellers are signing up! Custom Cinches,Show Shirts,Hunt Seat Boots, Saddles, Bits, Panniers, Camp items, Wild Rags, Leather work, Jewelry, even a custom Tack Trunk and more. Swap hours 10am to 2pm - Come out and Shop!




Craig Cameron Horsemanship

May 14-17, 2020

Rider Spots Full but you can get on the waiting list!

Think Smarter, Ride Smarter, Communicate more effectively.  Join Texas Hall of Fame Cowboy and 2010 Road to the Horse World Champion, Craig Cameron when he, returns for 4 full days of Horsemanship.  You will learn and enjoy Craig's educational & entertaining teaching style.  

“I used to work for Craig and witnessed firsthand the positive changes that come from riding with him. Clinic after clinic, his students left with a better understanding of how to work *with* their horse (“not against him,” as Craig says), how to give respect to get respect, and how that translates to a more consistent and obedient horse. Sure, people also had a great time and laughed at his cowboy wit, but most importantly, students left as better horsemen.Personally speaking, my horsemanship skyrocketed because of Craig. It’s amazing just how much and how quickly I learned from him. My horse really responded to his methods, and I now have more control, more confidence, and a softer, quieter ride. I *genuinely* recommend riding with him if the opportunity arises -– what I learned from him changed everything; how I ride, how I approach horsemanship, how I view myself.”– Megan Kilcup

 Be prepared to RIDE the W's off your Wranglers! 12 Riders ~ Auditors  - pre-registered $25.00 per day or $90.00 for 4 days.   Registration & Info.




Nick Dowers - Horsemanship & Reining

May 19-20, 2020

Rider Spots Full but you can get on the waiting list!

Nick won the 2019 Reno Snaffle Bit Futurity on Sept. 15th!  He is also the 2019 Road to the Horse Colt starting Champion held in March. 

At the 2013 NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity Nick came in a stock trailer with a horse and a dream and ended up taking home the Open Champion title aboard Time For The Diamond.  Now, Dowers continues to run his program based on getting through to the horses mind, “I want to be able to train my horses to the highest level, but not lose my horsemanship integrity to do it. Keeping the horse in mind is a big part of what I do. I need to know what to do, when to do it and why to do it.................... Do not miss this opportunity ride with Nick!   Registration & Information




Obstacle Practice Day- May 2020

May 23, 2020

Obstacles will be open in the playground and in the arena.

Come out and Practice!

$25.00 per person & horse combination ~ 9:00am to 2:00pm 

Contact: 530-347-0212 for more info.




Carson James Horsemanship

May 29-31, 2020

We highly recommend that you be able to Walk, Trot, and Lope the horse that you are bringing to the clinic on a loose rein. The clinic will cover: Groundwork , Rein management, Backing, Gaining control of the feet.  Learn how timing causes the horse to WANT to do what you're asking, lateral control, Side passing., Speed transitions (only as fast as you are comfortable with), Stops, create lightness. This is just a basic outline, but just like horses, no two clinics are the same.  During one of the clinic day lunches Carson will dedicate it to spending his lunch visiting with participants, answering questions and such.

For full details contact:  Roby Carpenter 530-515-2880




Obstacle Challenge June 13 & 14, 2020

June 13-14, 2020

15+ Obstacles. Ribbons plus Awards, Raffles, Camping, Stalls and more!  

Ribbons each day.  Awards on accumulative 2 day scores.

JACKPOT Challenge on Saturday!  $5.00 entry and 70% payout.

You do not need to be a CSHA member to participate

Entry & Flyer




Obstacle Challenge Sept. 19 & 20, 2020

September 19-20, 2020

15+ Obstacles. Ribbons plus Awards, Raffles, Camping, Stalls and more!  

Ribbons each day.  Awards on accumulative 2 day scores.

JACKPOT Challenge on Saturday!  $5.00 entry and 70% payout.

You do not need to be a CSHA member to participate. 

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Joe Wolter ~ Horsemanship, Ranch Roping, Cow Work

October 17-19, 2020

Reserve your Rider Spot now.

 Hours: 9:00am to 4:30pm each day.   This clinic is designed to help develop a stronger horse and rider partnership.  The emphasis is on building the skills needed to advance the rider toward their goals, whether on a ranch, on the trail, or in the show ring.  Riders of all levels and disciplines will benefit from Joe's insights and deep understanding of the horse-human connection.  Combine this with cow work and some ranch roping for a complete, well rounded clinic. 

There is also a Colt Starting option held before and/or after clinic hours.  Open to 4 colts.

  Auditors are also welcome!   Registration & Info.




Jonathan Field Horsemanship

November 06-08, 2020

First time in Northern California......RESERVE YOUR RIDER SPOT NOW!

Check Jonathan out at the Western States Horse Expo in May.

In 2006 Jonathan took all the theory, skills and experiences from his life with horses and integrated them into his own method of teaching people how to become excellent with their horses: Jonathan Field Horsemanship, Inspired by Horses®.

Jonathan refers to his program as Inspired by Horse® because it is the horses that inspired him to develop it.  Teaching you to think the way a horse thinks keeps your horse interested in you, allowing you to gain access to something very special – the ultimate relationship with a horse.

With Jonathan’s natural ability to communicate, he’s made his program fun and easy to understand. The Field Horsemanship Program begins with an 80% focus on teaching you the skills, abilities, talents and traits to become a horseman or horsewoman and use these skills to further your horse. .

He is a gifted teacher, presenter and horseman with a driving passion to share his message.   Registration & Information

· Only 12 Riders 

· Unlimited Auditor Spots